What We’ll Be Talking About at SHRM 2021 Conference and Expo

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SHRM’s annual conference will kick off in a week, on September 9th, and run through September 12th in Las Vegas.

We’re looking forward to catching up with professionals in HR and training, and if you’re interested in discovering emerging trends in learning tech, look no further than Booth #7032, where you can find Administrate.

Here’s what’s available from Administrate.

How to Future-Proof Your Training Operations for the Next Big Change

For the last 18 months, organizations have adapted to a host of new challenges brought on by digital work environments. For HR and training professionals, this has been evident in a number of ways, but most noticeably in the rapid shift of in-person training to virtual training, as well as the challenges in talent management brought on by the shift to digital work.

Making those rapid changes and scaling the training program to be prepared for them wasn’t always easy. We’re looking forward to discussing your team’s response.

Where to Begin

How to Build Agility with Learning Tech: Future-Proof Your Training →

How HR and Training Support Organizational Resilience

Resilience has been a big theme for the future of work, which is unsurprising. The catalysts to that resilience are the employees who make it possible, and training and HR professionals are uniquely positioned to lead the directive of supporting employees to remain agile and resilient. However, disconnected learning tech tools can get in the way.

If your team spends a lot of time bridging the data gap between critical learning and business systems with manual workarounds, it might be time to explore a new solution.

Start Early

Training and Organizational Resilience: Reclaim Your Learning Tech Infrastructure →

Stop by Our Booth to Explore Our Platform Approach to Learning Tech

At Administrate, we look at learning tech differently. Gone are the days of point solutions, and single-focus, limited tools. Our training operations platform is extensible and configurable. It also comes equipped with a powerful no-code reporting engine you can leverage to report on 100% of your training and HR data. Via deep integrations with business systems like HRIS, Finance tracking, and critical legacy systems, you can access the insights you need to lead change.

If you want to get to know some of us ahead of time, schedule time with our team in advance. We’re always standing by to solve issues with you.

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