The Age of Business Intelligence for Enterprise Training Has Begun

Construct, customize, save, and share reports that you can quickly and easily build from the data stored across the platform. Once you’ve defined the data you need, decide which fields to include in your report and how to order the results. Once saved, these reports can be instantly accessed in the future. All reports built with our reporting engine can be quickly exported to Excel or CSV files.
Discover Business Intelligence for Training

Demonstrate Training Program ROI

Align the initiatives of your training operations to the objectives of your organization as a whole. Business intelligence reporting for enterprise training allows you to correlate training metrics with talent retention, customer success, and partner-growth numbers--to name a few--so you can demonstrate training program ROI.

All Data in Administrate is Reportable

Rather than having to work with preset data fields, Administrate allows you to customize your reports to include any fields you want. This means you can report on any of the information you have already entered into Administrate and present it in the reporting format your business needs.

Automatically Delivered via Email

Automate your reports to be automatically delivered to key stakeholders on a particular date, or after a specific interval of time. All of your reports are updated in real-time, so you can be confident recipients are always looking at the most up-to-date data.


Maintain Visibility of Your Learners and Analyze Opportunities for Business Impact

Easily use all your student data found in Administrate’s tailored-for-training CRM to create visibility and transparency across departments. Leverage custom data in the CRM to analyze who is attending your training, who still needs to attend training, and surface training to learners based on learning pathways defined by departments.

Manage Your Organizational Training Catalog

Most training operations of any scale will have a complex catalog of offerings, often segmented by audience, business unit, job role, supplier, or even market. If you’re managing all these catalogs in separate systems, or spreadsheets, it might be difficult to align your courses with learning paths or business objectives. With disconnected systems, it’s also difficult to analyze your course catalog for interest and effectiveness as you evolve your program. With training management, you can bring everything together, in one system.

Promote & Track Learner Engagement

Easily use learner details stored in our CRM to create segmented lists. Create personalized communications based on the courses former learners have previously taken. Send them segmented emails, SMS communications, and recommend learning opportunities on your website, or intranet, that encourage them to keep growing professionally. Track the learner communications that are leading to the most engagement. Double-down on what’s successful, or pivot your communication strategy as necessary.

Integrate Your EdTech Infrastructure

Integrate with the rest of your EdTech infrastructure, so you can maintain visibility on what training your learners need to take, or serve courses to the learners that impact the bottom line of your business. With HRiS, finance, and compliance tracking integrations, you can also maintain visibility on highly regulated environments, and make sure your learners are staying up to date on required courses.