Keep Growing with Powerful Marketing and Sales Tools

Administrate’s marketing and sales tools give you the ability to book more learners onto your training courses with ease. You can then easily use all the student data to create customized reports to analyze who is attending your training and how effective it is.

Landing Forms

Use our form builder to construct landing forms which can be used to capture sales opportunities from any website. Integrate these forms with your landing pages or your main website with ease, and when responses arrive they’ll appear directly within our Message Center.

Nurture Former Students

Remarket to past students easily using all the student details stored in our CRM to create email lists. Create personalized emails based on the training students have previously attended so you can send former students targeted remarketing emails to encourage repeat business.

Track Campaigns and Integrate with Marketing Systems

Make use of our marketing integrations to create and track the best marketing campaigns possible. Administrate integrates with the likes of Lead Liaison and MailChimp so you can create targeted marketing campaigns and design personalized marketing emails with ease.


Easily Align Training to Business Objectives

Construct, customize, save, and share reports that you can quickly and easily build from the data stored across the system. Once you’ve defined the data you need, decide which fields to include in your report and how to order the results. In minutes you can replace manual reports that may have taken hours to create, and once saved, these reports are there for you to instantly access in the future. All reports built with our reporting engine can be quickly exported to Excel or CSV files.

Build Any Report on Any Data Element

Rather than having to work with preset data fields, Administrate allows you to customize your reports to include any fields you want. This means you can report on any of the information you have already entered into Administrate and present it in the reporting format your business needs.

Automatically Deliver via Email

Automate your reports to be automatically delivered to the desired recipients on a particular date or after a specific interval of time. All of your reports are updated in real-time, so you can be confident recipients are always looking at the most up-to-date data.