How Training Teams Do More with Less, in One System

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Training operations software: how enterprise learning and development teams get agility today to stay ahead of tomorrow.

Administrate guide: Do we need a training operations platform.

What You Need to Know About a Training Management System

Many enterprise training teams use 10–12 different systems to deliver different point-solutions for training management. In other words, they’re bolting on new systems ad-hoc to run vital training operations without a long-term software infrastructure plan.

Disconnected learning tech makes it difficult to share data and coordinate with the business. But a training operations platform can help, by consolidating the functions of these systems into a single system.

In this guide, your team will explore:

  • Five questions to assess whether your training team and your learning tech are equipped for the changing demands of the talent supply chain.
  • How your team can expand reporting beyond learner metrics and link training operations to organizational KPIs.
  • How learning tech might be holding your team back from an influential role in the organization’s talent management strategy.

How Can Your Team Use a Training Management System?

  • Upgrade Reporting

    Access 100% of your training data to show impact and ROI.

  • Scale Quickly

    Rapidly scale your training operations by saving time and fully leveraging resources.

  • Develop Strategy

    Drive data-driven decisions that make the training team a key talent-management player.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A training management system exists to streamline training operations, and simplify training management. By leveraging training operations data to conserve resources and time, a TMS can be a powerful tool that helps training managers maintain their role as a key link in the talent supply chain. Automating functions like reporting, communications, scheduling, and course management are all ways a TMS can help training operations keep pace with the demand for qualified talent.

A platform allows training to quickly connect to new technologies and adapt to new challenges. If your team is losing time to manually updating and maintaining a maze of spreadsheets, or if you’re spending nights and weekends pulling training reports or correcting complex schedules, it is time to consider a training operations platform.

It doesn’t have to. While there is an LMS built in, Administrate is designed to connect any existing learning tech, even legacy and proprietary software, so you don’t need to replace systems that are critical to your training operations.

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