How to Harness the Power of Your Training Data for Business Impact

30 minute read

With learning analytics, leading training teams demonstrate how training outcomes impact organizational KPIs.

Find Your Organization’s Momentum with Learning Analytics

Training reports can be engineered to demonstrate the impact training has on unique organizational objectives.

Your training team can report on activity metrics, like seat time, attendance rates, survey results, and completion rates, but are you able to infer future actions from that data?

Learning analytics is an approach that places a business intelligence mindset at the forefront of data analysis, enabling training teams to inform future decisions based on data.

In this short guide, explore insights from two leading training professionals, and how they insulate their business with tools and processes that enable them to forecast future needs.



  • How to reorient your thinking to the significance of data-driven storytelling.
  • Why training leaders prioritize learning analytics, and what they’re able to achieve.
  • The importance using training data to find opportunities to capture momentum, not just using data to capture a moment in time.

Why Activity Metrics Fall Short

  • Frozen in Time

    Activity metrics are only a snapshot of a moment. They don’t correlate that moment to outcomes achieved.

  • Learner Focused

    Activity metrics generally focus on learners. Learning analytics connect training and business data.

  • Where’s the Story?

    What story can your team tell with activity metrics? Empowering training to tell a story of impact is possible.

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Discover How Learning Analytics can tell Your Training ROI Story