Optimize Training Resources

AI-Powered Tools Optimize Training Resource Management

Administrate leverages all of your training data so you can rapidly plan conflict-free schedules.

Simplify Training Resource Coordination Tools to plan, schedule, and coordinate automatically.

How to Effectively Utilize Training Resources

Coordinating training resources is a critical task, so why do training teams rely on complex spreadsheets?

Managing training resources is a time-consuming, error-prone logistical challenge. Coordinating instructors and equipment to be in the right place, at the right time, requires advanced planning, communication, and visibility. This task often requires dozens of spreadsheets, whiteboards, walls of post-it notes, and long hours in the office.

Administrate includes AI-powered tools that make the management of training resources automated, optimized, and scalable. Connect your training resources to calendars and course templates to automate the logistics of training.

Colleagues moving training times using Scheduler.

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Solve Training Logistics

Quickly Manage People, Equipment, Locations, and Resources for Training Events

A.I. driven automation manages instructors, equipment, classrooms and more with little effort from you.

The core of the Administrate platform is an interconnected data model. Because Administrate is built on a powerful data model, it is possible for unique, A.I. powered tools to leverage that data and simplify complex resource optimization challenges.
The platform can automatically associate training resources with events, detect overbookings, and report on training resource utilization.

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    Course Templates

    Course templates provide a standard blueprint for training events—including the resources needed to run.

    Administrate tracks exactly what your team needs to make an event work, and automatically associates those resources with every created event that uses the template. Coordinating supplies and personnel can now be done simultaneously for multiple training events, all from a single interface.


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    Administrate’s Scheduler is an A.I. powered tool dedicated to solving training scheduling. Scheduler generates event schedules using your specific requirements. The tool then finds the most optimized schedules, books resources, and adds the event to your calendar. Scheduler can tackle large workloads, easily creating enterprise training events for an entire quarter in only a few minutes.


Track and Report

Get Complete Visibility Into Resource Use

Gain access to more data on your resource use – and get critical alerts on scheduling conflicts.

Administrate’s resource optimization tools track resource utilization. Quickly build resource reports, and deliver them automatically to stakeholders.
Get comprehensive reports, automatically update team members on logistical tasks, and receive immediate alerts if you try to overbook a resource.

Man receiving notification of scheduling conflict while using Scheduler.
  • No-Code Resource Reporting

    Gain visibility into your resource utilization. Access configurable reports. Get real-time insights, or schedule regular reports to be automatically generated and sent to key stakeholders.

  • Task Workflows

    Administrate’s task workflow system allows you to create automated reminders for staff, associated with any training process. Task workflows can remind staff to prepare and stage resources needed for upcoming events, helping to ensure that even minor details aren’t overlooked.

  • Scheduling Conflict Notifications

    Get immediate alerts when your scheduling creates a conflict. Avoid overbookings and other resource conflicts that disrupt the learning experience.

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