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Why To CLOs Use Business Intelligence for Upskilling


Ross Sellers

Former Marketing Content Lead

Making a Difference in 2020


It’s becoming increasingly important for training programs to report on their business impact. Training teams are constantly reacting to change, building responses to new company goals, and creating learning objectives geared toward adaptability, agility, and employee upskilling in response to new business objectives.

What if training was less about reacting and responding to change, and more about creating data-driven approaches to the key metrics the business is focusing on during an unprecedented year? By leaning into Business Intelligence, training teams are able to not only respond to unique circumstances, but also drive their companies forward with greater agility and employees prepared with the skills they need to lean into growth in 2021.

How a Forbes-Featured Data Science Company is Leveraging Data This Year

In a featured seminar with HR Exchange Network, two training executives–John Peebles, CEO of Administrate, and Merav Yuravlivker, CEO of Data Society–sit down to discuss the ways Business Intelligence can support training teams in demonstrating correlations between training metrics and bottom-line business objectives.

Below are some highlights from that conversation.

Why Business Intelligence Matters for Training


In this clip, Merav discusses where to get started with Business Intelligence and why it’s such an important facet of what training teams need to focus on going into 2021.


The Iterative Process of Data Analysis


Merav and John share their collective insights behind rapid iteration and quick data discovery, and how they play a role in ensuring Business Intelligence is a consistent barometer for a training team’s success.

Ready to see it all? Watch the full webinar (28 minutes).


Next Step: How to Implement BI in Your Training Organization

In our new ebook, Executive Training Insights: Business Intelligence Strategies for Training Organizations, your team will explore how Business Intelligence can equip your training program with the insight you need to connect the line between training and company agility and adaptability in 2021.

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Ross Sellers was a Marketing Content Lead at Administrate.


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