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Administrate Debuts New Logo

Caleb Shull 3 minute read

If you’ve visited our website or social media over the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed the rollout of a new logo. While it takes time to update all of our content, and we’ll be making changes slowly and deliberately, we’re happy to officially announce a refreshed and updated Administrate brand.


In this blog, we’ll discuss why we made this change, and what it means for Administrate’s mission moving forward.

Administrate has changed a lot since we first started out in 2012, but some things will always stay the same. From the beginning, we’ve been committed to a core mission: providing powerful software from training operations. But in the last decade, we’ve learned and grown enormously as we worked closely with our customers to develop a software solution that simplifies training management.

We’ve become experts in what instructors and training managers need from their software to create, manage, and deliver impactful training experiences. We’ve also seen how training professionals struggle to prove the ROI of an L&D budget, and we’ve made demonstrating that value through data a core pillar of our platform.

That expertise hasn’t gone unnoticed. Administrate was recognized as a 2021 Top HR Solutions Provider by CIO Applications, and as a 2022 Top 20 Specialist Learning System by Talented Learning. We’ve applied that expertise back to our own operations, as well, earning a 2022-2023 Great Place to Work Certification for our internal investments in professional development and training.

And we’re excited to see our customers continue to explore the potential our platform offers, as they use Administrate to solve problems in fields as diverse as identity management and cruise entertainment.

As our company grew, as we pushed ahead with tackling bigger problems and developing more innovative tools within our platform, we realized that we needed a new look, one that would reflect Administrate’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Administrate before; Administrate After

After all, Administrate is software infrastructure: robust, foundational, flexible, and growth oriented. We approach learning and development differently, starting by recognizing something simple – training management has a lot of moving parts. Schedules need to be generated and updated. Learners need to receive the right materials at the start of a course, and the right credentials at the end. Enormous amounts of training data need to be tracked, managed, and analyzed.

We built Administrate to manage these moving parts from within one connective, resilient platform. You’re not going to get that kind of comprehensive capability anywhere else. Our new logo conveys our place in your learning tech stack: in the center, as a powerful and reliable core driving critical business functions.

Our logo may have changed, but our mission hasn’t. We still have the same goal: to build a platform that simplifies training management. We’re still listening to and learning from our customers, and we’re still building software infrastructure that meets their needs.

Administrate is excited to tackle 2023 and beyond with a refreshed brand and a renewed promise to manage and deliver top-quality training. We’d love it if you’d get in touch.


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