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Enterprise Training in 2021 and Emerging Trends

Explore how 170+ training programs coped with ongoing pandemic uncertainty and which practices may infer growing trends for 2022.

The energy of change management has continued to permeate the strategic work and implementation plans of enterprise training teams across industries in 2021. What began in 2020 as adaptation is now showing signs of trend-setting when it comes to instructional modalities, learner volume, and training operational adjustments required to serve an increasingly hybrid workplace.

In this report, discover:

  • Learner Surge: Pandemic impact on the volume of training delivered and produced in 2021 and what this implies for the year ahead
  • Training Delivery Trends: How a distributed workforce influenced modality utilization within key industries and where innovation is happening.
  • Training Investment: Where training programs are working to build resilience into their training program as the pandemic impact continues.
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About the Data

Administrate’s training operations platform serves as the infrastructure for leading enterprise training teams around the world. Each year, we aggregate anonymized data from these programs to study trends, practices, and emerging concerns that analysis can reveal.

177+ Organizations Anonymized Data

20+ Trends, Stats, & Insights

2.4 M Learners Using the Platform

  • Learner Surge 2021
  • Training Delivery Trends
  • Training Investment

Learner Surge 2021

Learner Surge

Operational shifts in response to COVID-19 gave way to a sharp increase in training overall that persisted throughout 2021. Examine the correlation between learner volume, training event volume and course creation in this report.

comparison across all industries on courses created through 2016-2021

Training Delivery Trends

Training Delivery Trends

The transition from in-person to online training was the foremost modality change in 2020, but as the world begins to return to normal, how will training be delivered. Discover which industries are returning to person-to-person knowledge transfer already, as well as where mobile device-driven microlearning is gaining prominence.

comparison of number of virtual instructor-led training events across all industries between 2020 and 2021

Training Investment

Training Investment

How are training teams securing organizational resilience for their programs as pandemic recovery stretches into 2022? Understand why training operations is coming into laser focus for industry-dominating brands and how they are increasing their ability to make rapid iteration, data-driven decisions for their business.

comparison across all industries on courses created through 2016-2021

About Administrate

Administrate is a training operations platform that serves as a cloud-based, configurable learning tech infrastructure solution for enterprise training teams. Keep your existing eLearning tools and proprietary systems and allow Administrate to function as your sole operations interface while connecting your training data across the business. Scale your training function, gain operational efficiency, align with organizational KPIs, empower data-driven decisions, and drive business success through effective training management. That’s Administrate.

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