Trends and Insights in Enterprise Training

Understand trends that guided 2022.

Data proves many aspects of L&D are returning to pre-pandemic baselines, but normal has a new definition and L&D has an expanded role.

In this report, discover:

  • Analysis from hundreds of enterprise training teams. Administrate offers reports on detailed training activities from hundreds of enterprise training teams and over 1.8 million enterprise learners.
  • How training is returning to a new normal. We explore detailed analysis across critical industries to reveal a return to normal.
  • Trends that will shape 2023. Understand what factors are changing training today, and how that impacts your 2023 strategy.

Training Insights 2022

About this Data

Administrate is the training operations infrastructure powering hundreds of enterprise training teams around the world.

We analyze anonymized data from these programs to reveal trends and practices that shaped 2022 and insights that will guide 2023.

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A New Normal

A return to normal, with critical changes.

Training teams have mostly returned to pre-pandemic levels, but some critical COVID-19 trends have become permanent.

Industry professionals recording progress of tasks on a tablet.

Human-Centered L&D

Decentralized teams change the role of training.

Remote and hybrid workforces have placed training in a new role: culture guardian. See how this new role will change training in 2023.

Colleagues sharing devices in meeting.

Explore 2022 L&D communication trends

Analysis shows pandemic era communication trends have grown significantly in 2022.

How will you avoid communication fatigue in 2023?

Doctor getting phone notification while at work.

Administrate Powers Data Driven-Decision Making

Administrate is a training operations platform that provides enterprise teams with a cloud-based, configurable infrastructure for decision analysis.

Administrate is a software solution for enterprise training teams that connects existing learning technology to business systems. The software platform allows training teams to leverage 100% of their training data, empowering teams to rapidly achieve data and decision maturity.

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