Save Loads of Time

Reduce Duplicate Data Entry

Most training organisations use multiple systems to run their website, scheduling, CRM, and finances. This can mean duplicate data entry in several different ways, or costly and high maintenance technology integrations. Using one system keeps everything in one place, saves loads of time, and eliminates “copy and paste” errors.

Process Bookings and Registrations Quickly

Processing course bookings using paper can be extremely time consuming. Capturing student details, distributing joining instructions, creating an invoice, emailing confirmation, and ensuring you have the correct details can mean lots of time spent on each and every registration. Use Administrate to process registrations in just a few clicks or automatically take online registrations and payments using one of our great website integrations!

Keep Everything in One Place

Working on larger teams without a comprehensive system can mean you always struggle to find things among different systems or spreadsheets. Smaller organisations may yearn for a single system to manage everything. Whatever the reason, you’ll save lots of time by having one go-to system for everything. Your entire training operation, in one place.

Setup Automatic Emails

Training organisations send lots of email. Most of it is manual and can take a few minutes per email sent. Learn how you can save hundreds of hours by setting up email templates that are automatically triggered based on criteria you specify.

Generate Certificates in One Click

Certificates, evaluation forms, joining instructions, and a host of other documents (and emails) can be automatically generated by the system or manually generated in just one click, with all appropriate information filled in! Stop wasting time with mail merges or custom document runs.

Automatically Update Your CRM by Email

Customer Relationship Management systems are great to have when you need to look up information, but it’s annoying to constantly have to enter data! You won’t have this problem with our CRM – setup our IMAP Email integration feature and any email you send to a client or contact that’s listed within your CRM will automatically be entered into the CRM record. This is an incredible feature for making sure your CRM is always up to date, even across large and disparate teams.

Create Reports In Seconds

You’re going to love our reporting system, one of the favourite features of our customers. You can build custom reports using any field from the system and specify what data you want to see on the output, graph that data, and save reports for future use or distribution. This system is free, part of Administrate, and is heavily used by organisations large and small.

Don’t Lose Track of Tasks or Events, Focus On What’s Important

Use Tasks within Administrate to remind you and your team of important todos and appointments. You can setup workflows associated with specific courses to remind you to book a room, sort out catering, or perform any other task that you need to ensure is completed. Tasks popup as reminders within Administrate so you’ll never forget anything again! Use our calendar to get a birds eye view of how your training operation is running. You can setup iCal subscriptions that automatically update as you book resources, people, events, and appointments.

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