Building a Training Data Architecture with Learning Analytics

50 minute watch

We partnered with Training Industry on February 17, 2022 to share our thoughts on how a training team can build the infrastructure needed to launch a repeated data-driven decision engine. Our CEO, John Peebles, shares his thoughts on two of his favorite subjects, learning analytics and basketball. This webinar was originally invite-only, but it’s available for everyone now.

Training Industry: Leader Talks - Measurement and data to support the training function. Sponsored by Administrate Allego and Realizeit.

Dive In and You’ll Learn:

  • Which analytics you should be concentrating on to grow business intelligence within training.
  • How to put the data you have right now to work.
  • The distinct roles strategy, data literacy, and technology plays in getting you to data-driven decision making.
Training professionals in planning meeting.

Ready for the Next Step?

In the video, John talks about how to build a blueprint for business intelligence using learning analytics. You can go deeper into this topic with our guide on learning analytics.