Build the Business Case for Training Software

15 minute read

Know how to make the case for transformative infrastructure.

Strategies, Tips, and Advice for Buying Enterprise Software

Powerful learning tech can transform your training team, follow the steps in this guide to make a compelling business case for new technology.

Buying enterprise software is no small feat – careers are built on these pivotal decisions. The right training software can have a dramatic impact not only on your learning and development programs, but on the entire enterprise, especially in a changing business environment.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this guide:

  • How to evaluate enterprise software that meets your needs.
  • Tips for identifying and empathizing with stakeholders that will influence your purchase.
  • A plan for how to build your business case, step by step.

Show the Value of Transformative Training Software

Build a Case

This guide will help you build a business case that will show exactly how stakeholders will benefit from your purchase.

Evaluate Learning Tech

There is plenty of learning tech that can solve short-term problems. Learn how to evaluate training software for long-term success as well.

Rally the Team

New technology means changes, and that could mean disruption. See how to rally your team to support your ideas.

Administrate's software helps people like you.

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FAQ Section

This guide starts by showing you how to evaluate your learning tech - both existing tech and potential new purchases - to see if it is a good fit for you team. Then the guide helps you identify and persuade common stakeholders that will require buy-in for a large purchase.

Administrate is a training operations platform that connects all of your learning tech to business systems while creating a powerful data model that makes reporting and forecasting easier. Our technology is a long-term investment, updated continuously, and designed to transform with your business, providing consistent results.

This guide is for anyone that is facing a tough task: investing in new enterprise training software. It will help you get key stakeholders on board, make a clear business case for your investment, and back your decision with impactful data.

Make the Case for Training