Build or Buy Training Software?

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How to evaluate your next learning tech investment

Configurable + Scalable Training Software is Possible

Your training operations are complex. So, you need a solution to handle the complexity. Evaluate your options with this checklist.

Most of the learning teams we talk to want a solution that can keep pace with the complexity of their training operations. You’ve been burned by legacy software, tools that don’t scale, and a disconnected mess of a tech stack.

So, you start to look at building something internally with IT resources, something you can control, or you seek a bought solution, but those can lack configurability and resilience to change. So, finding out where to begin can be daunting.

That’s why we put together this checklist and guide – to help your team evaluate your options. It’s based on real conversations we have with training and development teams.

In this guide, explore:

  • How to contextualize the decision of making a learning tech investment.
  • The importance of identifying the workflows and stakeholders involved in the process of determining how this software will influence the impact of training.
  • The keys to ensuring your investment is future-proof to uncertainty and built to be agile enough to scale rapidly when needed.

The Inflection Point: Is the Solution Future-Proof?

  • Integrated to Drive Results?

    Solutions that are deeply integrated with learning and business systems provide powerful analytics to help training teams forecast future opportunities.


  • Built to Adapt

    Can the software adapt to your use case? Your needs will change over time. Consider the configurability you’ll need, so your flexibility isn’t limited later.


  • Automated to Streamline?

    Automation drives efficiency. Chances are your team relies on manual processes to connect tools currently. Make sure automation is integral to your solution.


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Discover how to evaluate your next learning tech investment