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The Decision Economy: How to Unleash Business Intelligence

John Peebles headshot.
Headshot of Faez Ahmed.
John Peebles and Faez Ahmed
Administrate Webinar, The Decision Economy: How to Unleash Business Intelligence for Data-driven Decision-making in your Business, a conversation between John Peebles, CEO of Administrate and Faez Ahmed, VP of Global Education Services at Syniti and hosted by CLO.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why being data-savvy is now essential for HR and talent leaders.
  • Strategies for elevatating training initiatives into business intelligence assets.
  • How to design a learning analytics framework that directly influences and informs high-level business strategies.

Developing Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a key driver of success, turning abstract and contextless metrics into useful and actionable insights into operations and strategy.But to develop that business intelligence, companies need robust frameworks for gathering, managing, and reporting their data. Join Administrate’s John Peebles in discussing the need for improvement – or get a demo of the Administrate platform today.

Screenshots of the issues and alerts dashboard in Administrate showing conflicts with upcoming events.