MailChimp helps companies and organisations send over 95 Million emails every day! Use MailChimp to easily create great looking marketing emails, send them to list members, and see who opens and clicks. MailChimp is one of the leading Email Service Providers and their offering is seamlessly integrated with Administrate to help you market your course offerings!

Integration Summary

Vendor: Administrate

Requires: Administrate & Mailchimp Account

Send Email Newsletters from Administrate with MailChimp

Mailchimp is built to make it easier than ever to send newsletters, and our integration with MailChimp means you can use their awesome, easy to use email builder, themes, and other tools to easily send out newsletters that look great!

Keep Track of Bounces, Opens, and Clicks

By integrating MailChimp with Administrate, you can save time preparing your marketing campaigns, lists, and tracking how your email newsletters perform. Administrate’s MailChimp integration helps you export contacts from Administrate to MailChimp with just a couple of clicks, and when you setup a marketing campaign within Administrate, we’ll automatically pull your email stats back so you’ve got everything in one spot!

Increase Deliverability

Reliably sending email is a very hard problem and one we’re happy to be able to partner with companies like MailChimp. They’ll make sure that your emails get through, aren’t treated as spam, and provide a host of great resources to help you build and send email campaigns that make a difference!


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