Keep track of interactions you have with your students, instructors, vendors, and suppliers automatically with IMAP Email Integration for Administrate. This feature allows Administrate to scan your email inbox (with certain restrictions) and pull a record of the interactions between you and any accounts, contacts, or leads into Administrate. Now everyone in your organisation can see interactions!

Integration Summary

Vendor: Administrate

Requires: Administrate

Automatically Sync Your Email with Administrate (No More Cutting and Pasting Emails!)

How many times have you had to cut and paste an interaction over email into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) so that others can see what’s going on? How many times have you forgotten to do this or just decided it’s not worth it! Now you can easily enjoy full visibility of how your employees and internal staff are interacting with any given client or contact and prevent embarrassing ”left hand doesn’t know about the right hand” moments!

Keep Track of the Entire Interaction.

It never fails – even when you’ve got the best tools and great processes, email conversations will still exist outside and around those tools. We built our IMAP Email Integration to help you solve this problem, and rest easy you’re not missing important dialogue.

Strong Privacy Controls.

Email is sensitive business and we take this responsibility seriously! We’ve built in the following privacy controls:

  • Last but not least, if you’re concerned about the privacy implications, you can of course choose not to use this feature!
  • Staff to Staff interactions (controlled by marking your employee contact records as “Staff”) are not imported into Administrate
  • Conversations between yourself and an email address not stored within Administrate won’t be imported, and won’t be visible to anyone but yourself (not even an administrator)
  • Usernames, passwords, and account details you supply to us are encrypted and are not visible
  • We host and store your data within the European Union
  • You can specify which folders Administrate scans

All communications and data transfer are done via a secure transport layer (SSL or TLS).

Works With Any IMAP Email Service Provider.

As long as you have a standards compliant IMAP Email server (Microsoft Exchange users will need to enable IMAP) you don’t need to have any special software or additional configuration. A good rule of thumb is if you can easily setup your email on a mobile device, you should be good to go!


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