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How Training Teams Deliver Multimodal, Data-Driven Training

Rob Walz

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How to Align Training Needs with Business Outcomes

Delivering Training with Administrate

This blog is part of the How to Align Training Needs with Business Outcomes blog and video series. In this article, we explore how a training management platform allows training teams to deliver training in any modality gaining the advantages of a fully interconnected training management solution. Check out the video below to see this cohesion in action!

Learning tech focuses on training delivery, but there are few solutions that can deliver in more than one modality. Single-solution learning tech can quickly lead to a tech stack that is disconnected, requiring ever-increasing effort just to keep the technology working. Not only are staff and resources sunk into software administration, but this tangle of learning tech can also lead to critical gaps in data that prevent meaningful analysis of your programs.

In this article, we’ll highlight how Administrate software uses an interconnected platform approach to simplify complex course catalogs.

See how you can deliver and manage multimodal training within Administrate 

Manage Complex, Multimodal Training

Most learning tech delivers training in only one modality, typically as online, self-paced instruction. Managing vILT, classroom, and blended learning requires multiple solutions and workarounds – usually wrangled with spreadsheets.

Interconnected Course Templates Simplifies Course Management

Administrate allows you to manage training in any modality with just a few clicks, by using course templates. These templates are at the heart of Administrate’s platform approach, allowing training courses to be easily edited from one location. The template contains information for the course in any modality, so event details can be edited in a single place.

Course templates are connected to other critical learning and business systems. This allows changes made to the course template to trigger workflows for other team members, send bulk email communications to alert instructors and learners to your changes, and quickly edit events related to the course throughout your program.

Sync Training Documents with Courses

Important training documents are stored within Administrate as well and can be connected to course templates. This makes it easy to track changes to these documents and update or notify instructors and learners with automated communications. Likewise, required documents can be added to course templates during creation.

Use the Award-Winning Administrate LMS, or Your Own

Administrate includes an award-winning LMS with a robust learner experience that manages every aspect of the course, from booking to content management. You can use the built-in LMS, or connect your own LMS to Administrate via our open API. Either way, you can use the Administrate platform to automate virtual badging, track learner engagement metrics, and connect LMS activity to other business systems such as an HRIS or business-wide CRM.

This allows learner metrics to be shared across teams and systems. For example, course completion metrics can automatically update employee records in an HRIS to track compliance with sensitive training.

Use Learning Paths for Customized Training Flows

Administrate includes built-in learning path functionality so you can create structured learning paths of any complexity. Learning paths can be built for different job titles, departments, or any other criteria. Connect the learning path with course templates, instructors or other personnel, and pre-scheduled events. Once you add learners to the path, they will progress through the training in the order you’ve chosen. Once complete, they can automatically earn badges, certificates, or other credentials based on triggers you set for completion criteria.

Data collected from learners and instructors that move through the learning path is fully reportable, so you always benefit from Administrate’s powerful data reporting capabilities.

Automatic Workflows Keeps Your Team On Track

You can create an automated task workflow that triggers when a new course template is created, keeping course creation on track and synced for your whole team. For example, you can notify a designer to review changes to course documents or alert HR to changes in compliance schedules. Administrate alerts your team with emails and in-app alerts. Tasks are automatically added to a team calendar as well.

Turn Learning Metrics into Meaningful Analytics

Delivering high-quality training in any modality is just the beginning of what you can do with Administrate. The real value of our platform becomes apparent when you connect that data from training to a variety of systems. This allows you to turn static data into contextualized, actionable insights. You can create reports that show how training programs directly impact bottom-line business goals, make compliance audits easier, and understand which variables impact the success of your programs.

  • Connect training data to HR data to easily, and quickly, see issues with employee retention.
  • Integrate training data to business-wide CRMs to update core employee records with training information.
  • Build reports that show how training directly impacts on-the-job performance.
  • Blend data from multiples systems to pinpoint opportunities for training to solve business problems such as customer retention, employee turnover, and professional development.
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