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How to Upgrade Your Training Data Architecture

Ross Sellers 2 minute read

How Administrate Solves for Complex Data

Discover the Holistic Approach of Training Management Software


In this three minute video, Jesse Vernon, one of Administrate’s Account Executives, gives you a demo of Administrate’s reporting engine. Explore some of the quick, yet high-impact, reports training teams can build to demonstrate their impact on the organization as a whole.

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Go beyond activity to insight

Implement Business Intelligence Reporting with
QuickStart BI for Your Training Program

Administrate has helped hundreds of training organizations configure the right data architecture and reporting models to reflect their unique business objectives. We’re ready to help you.

Group 4-1

Transform your data to tell your ROI story with the right reporting architecture.

Group 3-1

Import your data into Administrate’s powerful reporting engine for accessible analysis.

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Get up to 10 hours of consultation with Administrate’s training management experts.


QuickStart BI Reports That Move Your Business

In as little as 30 days, create high impact reports, including:


  • Course viability
  • Course occupancy
  • Staff Retention & Engagement with Training
  • Instructor performance
  • Risk Reduction in Regulatory Environments
  • Revenue/Earnings Per Employee and How Output Relates to Training
  • Compliance Audits Simplified


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