5 More Things Your Training Department Needs to Stop Doing Now!

Kim Morrison 8 minute read

We’re back this week with five more things we think you need to stop doing right now to ensure your training department becomes as successful as possible – and stays that way!

In our last blog post, we touched on things like why it’s so important to cut out repetitive tasks, as well as making sure you don’t lose any vital learner information by making use of a centralized storage solution such as a CRM. Today we’re back with five more things you need to focus on to help push your training department to the best that it can be.

1. Stop Limiting Your Training Methods

Learning methods

When you are running internal training courses for your learners, it’s important to offer a range of training methods so that your learner can attend the training which suits their learning style. While it may not be possible in all cases to offer every training session in every different format, it’s important that you provide a mix of learning delivery methods where possible. This can also help mix up your internal training offering, so your learners don’t get bored attending the same type of training every time.

A good training management platform, such as Administrate, can help support you when it comes to offering lots of different training delivery methods:

  • Classroom-based sessions – Administrate makes it super easy to enter all your internal training course information into our training management platform in the most time-efficient way. As we mentioned in our last post, you can use course templates to ensure your staff aren’t bogged down in duplicate data entry. Having all your classroom-based sessions logged in Administrate makes it easy to assign students to your training sessions and keep track of all the training you are running as a business.
  • eLearning – Administrate comes with an award-winning learning management system (LMS) built-in to the learning management platform. Not only does this mean you can run eLearning courses for your learners with ease, but it also means you can set up all your eLearning courses in the same place and in the same way as classroom-based sessions.
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training – Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is a great way to harness the benefits of eLearning and classroom-based sessions in one training session. It’s also a good option for remote learners who still need interaction with an instructor during their learning experience. VILT means you can have an instructor virtually teaching your students, all at the same time, no matter where they are based. This means you don’t need to worry about hosting multiple sessions or arranging travel for remote colleagues, as they can all attend the same live sessions from wherever they are based. Learners will also be able to interact with the instructor and each other for the best experience possible. Administrate’s Zoom integration means our training management platform can support VILT for your business with ease.

2. Stop Recreating the Same Reports 


In any business, reporting is essential to enable you to keep an eye on how successful you are and how your company has been performing over a specific period. You always need to be working from the most up-to-date data possible, and this can mean recreating the same reports over and over again. While we do not doubt the importance of reports, you are wasting so much time every week, or month, or year (depending on the type of report you need to create) pulling the same report together over and over again.

One massive benefit of a training management platform is the fact you can store all your information centrally, which means when it comes time to compile those reports, all your data is right at your fingertips! With training management systems like Administrate, you can also use the in-built reporting system to gather all your critical reports for you!

In Administrate, you can create your reports in just a few clicks. Simply name the report, so it’s nice and easy to find in the future, then pick which fields within Administrate you want to report on. You can choose whatever data you want, and apply filters, to make sure the information displays how you need it to.

You can then set up an automatic communication to email all the people who need to see the report, whenever they need to see it, whether that’s every week, month, or quarter. On these dates, Administrate will automatically send the report to your recipient list. As all your information within Administrate is updated in real-time, it means the report will always be totally up to date when it is sent to your audience.

This means you can get updated information on all the things you need to report on without putting in any extra effort aside from creating the report in the first place! Think of how much time you’ll save not having to compile the same reports at regular intervals – you won’t even need to remember to send them to your audience, as Administrate will handle everything for you.

3. Stop Paying for Different Systems

Software update

Administrate is the platform to manage your entire training operation! What’s the point in using lots of different systems to handle bits of your training operation, when you could use one platform and still get the job done?

Administrate brings you the functionality of a CRM, online course manager, a reporting system, a finance system, an LMS (Learning Management System), as well as giving you the ability to manage all your training administration, such as resources and tutors, all in one system. Why pay for all those different systems when you could make the move to one?

Aside from the cost factor, using one system also makes it much easier for your team to become experts in using that system, rather than trying to remember how to use several different systems to their full potential.

It also means you can store all your information in one place, so you don’t have to search across different systems to find everything you need, and cross-referencing information is straightforward as it’s all stored together.

4. Stop Clicking ‘Send’

Sending emails

We talked in the last post about repetitive tasks and duplicate data entry, and there’s probably no task more guilty of this than sending lots of emails. Think about many emails each of your learners receive from you throughout their relationship with you. From course confirmations, pre-class information, assessment dates, tutor communications, and survey requests, the same learner can get dozens of emails from you – and that’s just one person! Times that by the number of learners you have, and that is a whole load of emails!

If you’re currently sending all these emails manually, even if you’re using a bit of automation in the form of something like mail merge, you are still wasting far more time than you need to! Administrate’s automated communications function means that all you need to do is create templates of all the emails you need to send, and then decide when you want them to be triggered to send. For example, a class information email should be triggered to send a week before the start of a class to make sure the learners are well prepared.

The emails will pull through all the specific information they need, such as the email address, name, course the learner is attending, etc., making sure every email is personalized and contains the most up-to-date information possible. Once you’ve created the email content and set up your trigger schedule, all your emails will automatically send as soon as the trigger event happens, so you don’t need to worry about making sure you send particular emails on certain days – it will all be done for you and with zero effort!

5. Stop Forgetting Tasks 

Forgetful man with sticky notes

Everyone has a personal organization system, but even the best of us can still forget those all-important tasks! If you have lots of different training courses running at the same time, and lots of different learners to look after, it can be easy to forget things. However, forgetting a vital task could spell disaster for your training courses! Imagine if you forgot to book a room for a training session?

Administrate can help you keep on top of your tasks in several ways:

  • When you create a course template in Administrate, you can also assign a task workflow to that template, meaning every time you create a new event, the task workflow list will also be duplicated. This can include things that need to be done for every instance of that training, including booking a room, printing class materials, booking the correct resources such as projectors or computers, and organizing lunch for your learners
  • You can also assign tasks to other people in Administrate, so you can make sure everything is taken care of, even if you won’t be completing the task personally. Anyone you assign to a task will be emailed to make them aware they have something to complete.
  • On your Administrate homepage, you can see a list of all the tasks you have assigned to you.
  • Administrate will email you a daily task list reminder, so you are always aware of all your upcoming tasks.


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