How to Future-Proof Your Training Operations

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Platform solutions bring learning and business systems together in one hub, making your tech stack adaptable to change.

Is Your Training Operations Agile to Change?

Every one-off point solution creates more manual workarounds and impacts efficiency when it comes time to scale quickly.

Soon, you are working around your software — it isn’t working with you. Technology is supposed to make your life easier, not harder.

If you find your team is consistently reverting to manual processes in order to bridge the gap between your systems then that’s a good sign it may be time to look at a solution capable of bringing your learning tech and critical business systems (HRIS, GRC, MRP) together in one place. It may be time to look at a training operations platform.

After all, training is at the forefront of change in business. So, learning tech must necessarily be change-ready, and one-off solutions aren’t positioned to respond rapidly to change. Platforms make it possible to bring your training operations together in one system.

In this guide you’ll:

  • Learn how to evaluate learning technology for long-term growth.
  • Understand the principles that define resilient technology.
  • Explore change management strategies that go beyond technology.
  • The four distinctions between point solutions and platforms.
Administrate guide: Future-proof your training operations

What Impacts the Agility of Learning Tech

No Deep Integrations

Discover why it’s hard to scale when learning and business systems aren’t connected.

Automation is Limited

Manual workarounds crater efficiency, making it hard to adapt on the fly when rapid change occurs.

Reporting Isn’t Insightful

Without data agility from deeply integrated reporting, it’s hard to forecast when it’s time to adapt.

Leading training teams are change-ready with Administrate

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Frequently asked questions

Point solutions are designed to solve a single problem. They do it well, but then they are done. A platform, like Administrate, takes a long-term view of training. A platform connects point solutions, shares data between them, and empowers your team to deploy automations and power AI assistants to scale your performance without adding new staff.

Point solutions solve a single problem and are often closed systems. Even when these learning technologies do connect to other systems, they often do so in technically inefficient ways. This means that when you need to pivot your training program, there will be gaps in this technology. Bridging these gaps requires manual workarounds, usually a complex set of spreadsheets. This prevents your team from ever creating a sophisticated, stable, and useful data model that allows deep insight.

When the learning tech that drives training can adapt, the entire organization can move forward quickly. New protocols can be rolled out quickly, specific problems such as employee turnover can be identified and corrected, and everyone can stay informed. The learning tech that drives training drives the entire organization in times of change or crisis.

Explore how to future-proof your training operations for the next big change