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Demo: Schedule Complex Training In Minutes With Administrate

John Peebles headshot.
John Peebles
Webinar: Schedule Complex Training in Minutes with John Peebles for ATD Democast.

Included In This Discussion

  • A blueprint for efficiency and ROI through an infrastructure-first approach to L&D tech stacks.
  • How modular course templates can serve as a building block for advanced training logistics.
  • A look at AI-powered tools for generating and optimizing L&D schedules.


Administrate’s Scheduler feature provides a powerful tool for busy training professionals.

Scheduling training events and managing the resources and logistics involved is an enormous drain on most training teams’ time. Administrate’s deeply-integrated data model enables an AI-powered generative tool like Scheduler to create optimized training schedules in just a few clicks.
To learn more about Scheduler, or request a demo for yourself, visit our Scheduler page.