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Rob Walz

Content Marketing Manager

Recently, we’ve published a blog series, How to Align Training Needs with Business Outcomes, detailing how Administrate’s training management system helps your training team better organize, plan, deliver, automate, analyze, and scale enterprise training operations.

Training Management Systems Create Critical Infrastructure

Our cloud-based software is a learning technology infrastructure. You don’t spend all day thinking about the electrical wiring in your home, but it is critical to your daily life.

Administrate is infrastructure for training operations, a key business function for every enterprise. Our software brings learning technology together, in one place, while aggregating data from across your entire business to provide your training function with actionable insights. Here’s a quick overview.

Organize Training Operations

Administrate organizes the complex management of courses, documents, tasks, calendars, and data sets into one system.

Organize Training Management

Everything within Administrate is interconnected with data from both your learning technologies and larger business systems. When you organize training within Administrate, you can use insights from across your business to make the process more efficient.

The features that make this possible are:

  • Course templates built with quick adaptation and diverse course types in mind.
  • A single calendar organizes course and instructor schedules, while maintaining tabs on resource availability, so you can prevent conflicts and keep everyone on track.
  • Administrate’s central control panel presents a simple interface for accessing the powerful levers that drive training management such as a tailored-for-training CRM and secure document management.

Read more about how Administrate organizes and simplifies the complexities of training management ->  

Plan Training Strategy

Administrate supports learning and development, and learning technology teams, by making it easier to plan training initiatives driven by meaningful business impact. Plan Efficient Training Operations


Because all of the components of Administrate’s training software act as a cohesive system, you have access to data-driven insights that help pinpoint areas of opportunity. This same data-driven feature set allows you to identify how your team can use leverage for maximum results.

These features allow you to plan training more effectively:

  • Quickly build learning pathways, and even nest them together for more robust, personalized training.
  • Course catalogs can be managed from a single interface, editing entire catalogs with a few clicks.
  • Customized reports that help plan your next training initiative so it’s aligned with business goals.

Explore how Administrate makes planning your training initiatives easier, while revealing critical opportunities in your program ->

Deliver Training in Any Course Type

Administrate focuses on training delivery that delivers both organizational and learner impact.

Deliver Training for Learner and Organizational Outcomes

We reduce the wasted, manual effort it takes to manage diverse course types by allowing easy access to online, vILT, ILT, and blended learning initiatives from a single location.

The added bonus? You can deliver for your organization, which may rely on distributed learners across time zones, in-person knowledge transfer in critical areas, time-sensitive compliance training that needs to be documented, and pivotal training delivery that’s provided in lock-step with adaptable organizational growth.

Administrate improves training delivery by:

  • Allowing you to manage multiple course types from a single place.
  • Focusing on multi-format training.
  • Connects training delivery to other learning systems.

Explore how Administrate’s multimodal training delivery simplifies training delivery in any course type, while providing valuable learner and course data to help you optimize your initiatives ->

Automate Repetitive Tasks and Save Time

Administrate can automate some of the most repetitive tasks that bog down a training team.

Automate Key Training Management Tasks



This automation doesn’t replace staff, it frees your team to focus on strategy and organizational demands, leaving the tedious, yet critical, work of bulk emails and task management to software.

These automations are easy to implement and change, so you’re always in charge. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Automating redundant tasks reduces human error and returns time spent on manual effort.
  • Administrate uses automation to gather data about your entire program, improving your visibility into training results and learning metrics.
  • More time to focus on strategy is a powerful competitive advantage.

Go deeper and see how Administrate’s automation saves time and helps your team scale their efforts ->

Analyze Training Data and Show ROI

The heart of Administrate is a powerful data and reporting engine. Our software connects with enterprise systems, from your LMS to HRIS, to create a complete picture of every learner, initiative, program, and resource.

Analyze Training Program Effectiveness

Reporting functionality is included with many learning technologies, but the reports are often limiting. These premade reports only have visibility into a small section of your training operations, and fail to tell the whole story.

Because Administrate connects different systems together, our software can aggregate data from far beyond your training environment, allowing you to build meaningful reports that show real business impact.

This is possible with Administration because:

  • Training systems, HR systems, and other critical business systems are connected within Administrate – you aren’t limited to one set of data.
  • Administrate aggregates and analyzes data to provide context.
  • Reports built in Administrate are always customized for your specific needs, you are not limited by premade reports.

Explore how Administrate changes how training teams understand, and share, their deep impact on their organizations ->

Scale Your Training

When you combine all of the features of Administrate together, you have a powerful, robust learning technology infrastructure that is built to scale.

Scale Image v1

Our software is tailored for what you need, today, but adapts to whatever comes next.

Administrate provides functionality to help training teams remain a catalyst for organizational growth and resilience. Administrate’s training management system is a force multiplier for your training team, aggregating all of your learning tech into one system with integrations, an open API, and robust reporting that demonstrates the impact of interconnected business and training functionality.

Resilience and flexibility are possible with Administrate because:

  • Administrate is designed for complete customization, at any stage of growth.
  • Packed with valuable native integrations, Administrate can connect with core business systems.
  • Our Professional Services Team can help build custom integrations and solutions.

Go deeper, and understand how Administrate’s training management system creates the infrastructure that fosters long-term agility and growth ->

Experience a Virtual Demo of Administrate

Administrate is a broad, and deep, application. Our software touches every aspect of enterprise training, from planning to delivery to reporting. See what Administrate can do for your team in this series of short videos.

Robert Walz is Content Marketing Manager at Administrate.


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