In the News

Administrate has recently been nominated as a best tech startup in Bozeman by the Tech Tribune. We are proud to be part of the growing Bozeman tech network, and are doubly proud to be recognized for our leadership, innovation in learning technology, and growing customer base. We are a global company, with offices in Bozeman, Scotland, Lebanon, and Ireland. It was a natural decision for us to pick Bozeman as our North American base of operations. In 2016, we expanded into Montana to offer employees access to a place they would want to live; with direct access to the outdoors as well as the cultural amenities of a growing, energetic small town. Bozeman’s attitude pairs very well with our four-day work week and cultural values that focus on sustainable work. Montana is ripe with networking opportunities and a skilled talent pool that helps us expand our offerings while growing our revenue team. “When we expanded into the US, we wanted a place that aligned with our values. Montana's tech community mirrors our desire to build innovative technology but within a sustainable workplace and community. We are proud to call Montana our home and to serve the hard working people that live here." ~Patrick Flanagan, CCO Administrate


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