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Award – Training Industry Watch List


Ross Sellers

Former Marketing Content Lead

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Administrate is excited to announce we’ve been added to Training Industry’s Watch List for 2021 LMS Companies! If you’re looking for learning tech beyond and LMS though, Administrate is where the conversation starts. Here’s why.

Administrate: Learning Tech Infrastructure to Connect Proprietary and Legacy Learning Tech


Administrate is a training operations platform, which means an LMS is just one aspect of our platform. In fact, many of our enterprise clients, like Royal Caribbean Group, CAE Healthcare, Ping Identity, and others keep their existing LMS or proprietary learning tech and just integrate it with Administrate’s platform.


What is a Training Operations Platform?


Historically, learning tech has existed to serve the learner first and has rarely considered the operational functionality many training teams depend on to manage their learning and development. Pretty soon, your team is leveraging multiple, disconnected systems just to gain visibility into your training operations. Plus, you have to ducktape things together with spreadsheets and other manual workarounds.


Sound familiar?


A platform differs from point solutions on many different fronts, but the main reason Administrate is different is because we provide a single interface where you can manage 100% of your training operations. 


That means extensibility beyond learning tech connectivity in one system – it also means you can connect key business systems like your HRIS, ERP, and GRC software to Administrate so training data is directly connected to critical business data.


What do you get? Data integrity and learning analytics are deeply embedded into organizational objectives so you can actually report on how training is impacting organizational KPIs. 


How Your Training Program Can Be Positioned to Scale (When it Matters Most)

Here’s What We Mean


A platform is how leading training teams are tackling some of the most persistent and, frankly, annoying issues within learning and development currently. 


Say goodbye to the hours spent managing training resources for your events, sending copy and paste emails, and infinite scheduling issues.


Digital transformation for training professionals starts with a platform, a simple and easy-to-navigate hub where the complexity of your day-to-day is simplified into the terms and outputs you already do manually – now it all sits at your fingertips in one software.

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Ross Sellers was a Marketing Content Lead at Administrate.


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