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Getting Help

At Administrate, we take pride in the work that we do, but our true reward comes from enabling enterprise training teams do what they do best. This means that, as a foundation, our system must be high performing, 24/7, 365 days a year. Bookmark this page for system performance reports, as well as easy access to known issues, or any issues you’d like to report.

How We Prepare for Incidents

System reliability and stability is extremely important to us. We have detailed information on how our service is configured, backed up, and maintained on the Trust Administrate section of our website.

Administrate Operational Status

This page provides status reports on Administrate products and services. Please bookmark this page and refer to it in the event of a system issue. We will post status updates via our operational Twitter account which are reflected here.

How to Check Your Internet Connection

If you don’t see any reported issues on this page, you may be having an issue with your internet service provider. A good tool to check the quality of your internet connection is SpeedTest.net. We recommend using an internet connection with:

-Ping of under 150ms
-Download greater than 200Kbps (.2 Mbps)
-Upload greater than 100kbps (.1 Mbps)

While using Administrate via mobile devices is supported, you can experience performance that is less than ideal if using via a mobile device from a moving vehicle or other transportation.