Integrate Your Entire Tech Stack

Build complex websites, workflows, or applications that interface and interact with Administrate. Use our API to integrate with mission-critical systems and keep your tech environment intact.

Modern, Engineer-Friendly API

Our API uses GraphQL, a next-generation, self-documenting data query language. GraphQL makes cross-platform and mobile development simpler with availability in the programming language of your choice while allowing developers to create seamless user experiences for their customers.

What's Ours is Yours

Every new feature Administrate releases is built on top of our public API. This means it’s immediately accessible for developers who want to get creative. Instantly spin up your own instance of Administrate. Build, test, play.

Our Developer Portal Gets You

It will write queries with auto-completion, send detailed error messages, highlight syntax issues, and even match all those curly braces for you. We can’t wait to see what you’re going to build!


Seamless Native Integrations

Administrate integrates with other applications that provide you with a set of solutions to create mailing/marketing lists, track emails, offer great support, manage finances and sales opportunities, as well as integrate eCommerce.


Zoom is the number one video conferencing and web conferencing service, providing customers with one consistent enterprise experience. Zoom gives its users the ability to host online meetings, run video webinars, build collaboration-enabled conference rooms with Zoom Rooms, as well as allowing cross-platform messaging and file sharing with its Business IM feature.


SurveyMonkey is the world’s leading provider of web-based survey solutions. Our integration allows you to synchronise your SurveyMonkey surveys with your classes in Administrate, meaning you can customise and save time on feedback sending and response management. Understand what students think of your course, measure instructor performance and get insight into how to continuously improve your offering.


Salesforce is a cloud-delivered CRM that helps you manage your sales opportunities and sales team. From small business to large enterprise, Salesforce has solutions to help sales reps increase pipeline generation, reduce sales cycles, and improve win rates.