Salesforce is a cloud-delivered CRM product that helps you manage your sales opportunities and sales team. From small business to large enterprise, Salesforce has solutions to help sales reps everywhere increase pipeline generation, reduce sales cycles, and improve win rates.

Integration Summary

Vendor: Administrate

Requires: Administrate & Salesforce Account

Administrate and Salesforce

Designed for training organisations who need to regularly synchronise CRM data between Administrate and Salesforce, this easy to configure integration will reliably synchronise account and contact data between the two systems. Use this integration to get the best of both worlds – a dedicated training management solution powered by Administrate, and the power of Salesforce to drive other operations forward!

Choose What to Synchronise (And How)

Setup the field mappings between your account and contact entities, and choose which conflict resolution method you’d like to use (Salesforce wins, Administrate wins, or be asked every time). You can control exactly how each field within Administrate is mapped to the fields within your Salesforce installation.

Sit Back and Relax!

You can easily see and fix any errors that might occur during the sync operation. Once problem records are addressed they will automatically be synced.


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