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Best of the Blog 2016

Written by Teachers, for Teachers!

We had a lot of fun putting together these articles, which originally ran on our blog during 2014. Each week more than 12,000 training professionals receive the latest entry, written by professional and certified educators, absolutely free of charge!

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A Sneak Peek of the Content

How to Help Employees Embrace Continuous Learning

“Don’t expect your staff to read work-related material in their leisure time, like on the weekends or after going home. That’s not going to happen.”

9 Things You Shouldn’t Ask Your Students to Do

“The release of responsibility begins with guided practice. This is when students begin to implement the strategies and skills that you have taught.”

Fundamentals of Great Course Design

“The good news is that while course design is difficult, it’s not impossible, and one of the distinctions I like to make is that there are “two types of hard” – the difference between doing something hard that requires lots of talent vs. something that requires discipline and a methodical approach”

How to Teach Critical Thinking Skills

“Each point that the student makes in their writing should support their claim in a relevant way. There should not be any information that does not coincide with the argument that they are making.”

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