Multimodal Training, One Cloud-Based Platform


Administrate can manage any type of training you need to deliver. This means you can create unified learning experiences across different locations, while efficiently managing the details and aggregating the data you need for reporting.



Mobile-Friendly Experience


Our fully responsive user interface seamlessly supports any screen size, so your learners can use the device that suits their preference and schedule.


Support Learner Needs


Meet your learners where they are with diverse training modalities, while you conserve efficient and consistent information and processes as a training team.


Put Your Brand On It


Leverage easy-to-use color and theme customizations to create a unique, brand compatible look and feel for your LMS and learner interface.



Created with Training Departments in Mind


Our CRM is built for the needs of training providers. Leverage a single source of contact information for your learners, and build a training history that enables you to derive business intelligence on learning needs and the business impact of your training programs.



Access All Your Data


Forget shared drives, spreadsheets, or extra challenges across locations. Use our flexible permissions system to control access and maintain data privacy.


Set Task Reminders


Schedule tasks for yourself, delegate tasks to other team members or associate them with a particular account or contact. Overdue tasks notify you with visual reminders. Specify default tasks for each course registration to ensure repeated actions get done.


Customize Your Fields


Choose from a variety of field types to tailor Administrate to fit your operations and workflow. Set permissions on each field you add specifying which roles in your organization can access or view them. Even custom fields are fully reportable with our reporting engine.

Understand How Administrate Delivers Training in any Format

Administrate allows you to manage any format of training, all from a single source. Explore our unique features that make it possible to add, edit, execute and report on multiple formats, all at once. Discover how you can not only deliver quality training to your learners, but also how Administrate’s reporting functionality allows you to deliver actionable training insight to your organization. This five-step virtual tour digs deeper into the features that make Administrate the best solution for delivering all of your training operations.

Control Panel, Integration Settings and Documents tabs of the Administrate Platform

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