Multimodal Training, One Cloud-Based Platform

Administrate can deliver any type of training to your learners, meaning you aren’t limited to a particular type of delivery method. This means you can support learners who prefer different delivery methods and create unified learning experiences for learners based in different locations.

Fully Responsive, Lightweight, Mobile-Friendly Experience

Our fully responsive user interface seamlessly supports any screen so your learners can learn on the device which suits them.

Support Different Learning Styles

Being able to offer training in any delivery method you like ensures that you can help support all the different learning styles of your learners.

Completely Brandable Experience

Anyone can change the colors of our LMS in just a few minutes. You can also leverage several great themes pre-built by our graphic designers that can give your learning environment additional character.


Tailored to the Learning and Development Industry

Explain the value of having a CRM specifically for training. What are the values that it adds to your customers, and what problems does it solve that your competitors can’t.

Our CRM is built for the needs of training providers. We’ve designed it to support your training operations, not get in the way! Use our CRM to create long-term loyalty and engage your learners, suppliers, clients, and instructors. Never lose track of anything!

One Unified View of Everything

Data stored within our CRM is seamlessly accessible from throughout the rest of the system. You can forget shared drives, spreadsheets, or pen and paper! Use our flexible permissions system to make sure that your personnel have appropriate access to the information they need, but no more.

Never Miss a Task or Appointment

Set tasks and appointments with reminders to help you organize your work. Set tasks for yourself, delegate tasks to other team members or associate them with a particular account or contact. Overdue tasks notify you with visual reminders. Specify default tasks for each course registration that is received to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Customize Your Fields

Use custom fields to capture non-standard information that’s important to you. Choose from a variety of field types to tailor Administrate to fit your operations and workflow. Set permissions on each field you add specifying which roles in your organization can access or view them. Once fields are added, you can immediately incorporate them into reports built with our reporting engine!