Learning Is A Team Effort

Our Software Is Part Of That Team

Secure, Online Document Management

Easily share and safely store documents online where your entire team can access them. Now you can access critical documents on the move! Documents are automatically backed up for you so you don’t have to worry. Enjoy full version control so you won’t accidentally lose anything, and use fine-grained permissions to help you separate sensitive documents from those everyone can see.
Secure Document Management

Keep Everyone on the Same Page With a Knowledge Base

Use our Wiki inspired online Knowledge Base to store important reference documents that need to be accessible to your broader organisation. Easily create, link, edit, and reference documents that can be quickly searched and shared. Changes are tracked with each revision, providing you a full audit trail.

Discussion Forums For Team Collaboration

Use our online discussion forums to keep your team up to date. Receive notifications of comments made and stay up to date with discussions as they happen from your dashboard.

Keep Track of Holidays

View upcoming staff and instructor holidays and get notified on your dashboard so you never forget when someone is out of the office. Holidays are automatically shown within your calendar.

Single Sign-on With Administrate

Logging into Administrate is easier and faster with Single Sign-on. Use Google or any compatible Single Sign-on provider to log into Administrate. There’s no need to manage different sets of login credentials, and you can move seamlessly between different systems. Watch our quick overview to see how to make the most of it.

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