Sell Courses With Confidence

Manage and Close More Deals in Less Time

Drive Your Sales Operation

Administrate includes a powerful, customisable, sales tool that’s designed to support the specific needs of training companies.

Trusted by Global Brands

From Morgan International, a worldwide professional training institute, to ForgeRock, the leader in the identity management space, we’ve helped our customers deliver millions of pounds worth of training through an organised, efficient sales process.
“…ForgeRock University has been able to go from running one class every four to six weeks, to running multiple classes each week.”
Lo Wright, Global Delivery Operations Manager, ForgeRock
“Administrate is a one-stop shop for us when it comes to running our Sales team processes.”
Paul Almond, Management Information and Technology Lead, TSW Training

Customise Your Sales Workflow

You can completely configure your sales pipeline to match how you work and the data you require at each step. Choose to automatically process incoming website orders, or push them into a specific step of your sales workflow, depending on how you run your business.

Access Meaningful Sales Metrics

Out of the box, we capture all the key metrics from your sales process via our Reporting Engine. Projected Value, Sales Cycle, Projected Wins, Conversion Rate, and an overview of your Sales Pipeline are all available as dashboard items.

You can build any ad-hoc report you’d like from this data and even schedule delivery of those critical reports to key people within your organisation!

Training Tokens

Sell Training Using Training Tokens

Training Tokens are pre-defined vouchers which you can sell to customers in blocks, and can then be redeemed for training at a later date – just like a gift card!

Tokens can be set up with any value you decide, and are used like any other form of currency within Administrate, so they’re quick and easy to set up!

Track Your Tokens

Tokens can be tracked on the Account screen, so you can easily view a full transaction history for any tokens that have been sold, adjusted or redeemed for that account. From the Accounts screen you can also quickly and easily add new tokens, or adjust the balance of any outstanding tokens. 

Training Tokens data is also pulled into our Reporting Engine, so you can view outstanding Tokens, see when any sold Tokens expire, and the value at which any Tokens were sold.

Sell in Bulk – Lock in Repeat Business! 

Selling blocks of Training Tokens to your customers means they’ll keep coming back to you for their training needs! This is perfect for securing repeat business and keeping your revenue stream more predictable.

Resource Centre

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