Powerful Course Management

Say Hello To Advanced Course Scheduling

Courses and Events


Build Reusable Course Templates

Stop repeating yourself! Setup a catalog of course templates that describe your training offerings and reuse these templates over and over again to save time and prevent mistakes. Course templates can be customised to fit the training you offer and include support for instructor led training, eLearning, and blended learning courses.

Quickly Schedule Your Courses

Schedule your courses in just a few clicks based on your course templates. Scheduled courses and events are displayed on your internal calendar, on your website, and within your internal course list, which can be quickly filtered to find any event you’re looking for.
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Course Administration is Now a Breeze

Joining Instructions
Course Documents
Sheets
Evaluation Forms

All Your Resources, Right Where You Can See Them

Administrate allows you to define custom resources (things like classrooms, projectors, or more exotic resources that are unique to your operation) and track them for scheduling and reporting purposes.  We’ll also help prevent scheduling mistakes. Never run a class without the right resources again!

All Your Course Information, At Your Fingertips

Don’t ever wonder about your courses again! Our course list shows you everything you need to know about the course, location, instructor, student registrations, and pricing. You can also quickly see course profitability and jump into our report builder to define any key report in seconds.

Deliver Any Kind Of Course With Ease

Public, Private, In-House, Blended, Online, Offline, Instructor Led, Whatever! We Can Run It! Our training management system supports any kind of course offering or educational delivery mode.  Built for maximum flexibility, we’re dedicated to supporting all forms of training delivery, no matter how you approach your students.
Learning Modes

Communication Flow

Automate All of Your Communications

Don’t waste time sending out repetitive emails to your students! Use our automated communications triggers which support both emails and SMS! Schedule when emails or text messages should be sent, setup your template, and watch while they get delivered to your students and instructors automatically. Get detailed delivery reports that show if an email bounced, was opened, or clicked, and rest assured that your communications are reaching the right people at the right time.

You’re Going to Love Our Calendar

Every course, appointment, resource, instructor, and staff holiday shows up on your calendar. You can filter the calendar down to the specific views you’d like, and you can subscribe to these views via your desktop or mobile calendar. Never lose track of when something is happening again!

Resource Centre

Exclusive content, eBooks, videos and downloads, all about training provision.

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