2020 Insights Report: How Enterprise Training is Preparing for 2021


Discover key trends we’re observing across the training industry, and how this unusual year has impacted the execution and evolution of corporate training.

  • 2020’s Start
  • Adaptations
  • Growth in 2020
  • Finding Agility
  • Looking Ahead

2020’s Start

What Were the Training Projections for 2020?

Since 2015, a half-billion dollars of training investment has flowed through Administrate, and 2020 was shaping up to be a banner year. Then, the novel Coronavirus hit and training teams had to adapt. Does your organization need to quickly upskill learners? Or, are you tasked with onboarding faster and more efficiently?



How Are Training Teams Responding to COVID-19?

With the immediate shift to remote work, what happened in organizations that depend on in-person knowledge transfer? How did they adapt and how can organizations diversify modalities to maintain engagement and continue to deliver impactful training?


Growth in 2020

Where Are Training Programs Investing for Growth?

Even though training volumes fell sharply during the spring and summer, where did companies choose to invest dollars in training, and how does this investment align with trends in economies of scale from previous years?


Finding Agility

Why Automation Will Play a Key Role in Training Agility Moving Forward

As training programs continually adjusted to learners suddenly working from home, organizations needing quicker results, and uncertain economic trends, they sought more efficiency in their operations and more learner engagement opportunities. Automation turned out to be key. But, where did training teams see the most effective growth, and how did leaning into automation provide more flexibility and increased learner engagement when times were tight?


Looking Ahead

How Can Training Programs Position for Success in 2021?

The training function has adapted to unprecedented circumstances this year, and 2020 has demonstrated that technology is a significant factor when it comes to agility in the training function. It also largely determines the quality of data and insight that training can bring to the business. Crafting a business intelligence strategy for training can provide training leaders with key insights to drive crucial, timely decisions for companies steering through the pandemic.


Leveraging Agility, Upskilling, and Business Intelligence

Whether adjusting modalities and communication tactics to reach learners suddenly working from home, or identifying opportunities for greater (and more immediate) training value, training in 2020 has been all about managing change.

In 2020, Administrate is the trusted training management platform for more than 170 leading enterprises as they continue to weather the market and organizational changes created by the global pandemic. Their work represents growing the impact of training for their businesses and more than 660,000 learners.

This report offers five high-impact learnings from our in-depth review of our secure, anonymized data over the past year from these organizations.


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